Take Bioidentical Therapy – Become Younger and Live Longer

Every woman wants to sustain her youth and expects her menopause as late as possible. But as a natural rule she must face menopause at a certain time. It also comes as a disease for many women. So it is very necessary to solve the problem. Hormone replacement is a great solution to this problem. Only in doing this women can get rid of menopause. It has a vital effect that women look younger and they can live longer after this therapy.

Bioidentical Hormones are such hormones which are chemically identical to the natural hormones produced by ovaries. Some hormones are produced by drug companies and other sensitive hormones are produced in special pharmacies case to case according to each patient’s prescription. They are called natural because they are made from plants.

According to many healthcare providers this hormone replacement therapy is better than the conventional drug using. This process followed widely because bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical to one’s own hormones. But synthetic hormones are never identical. For instance a synthetic hormone Premarin is made from urine of pregnant mare. Again synthetic hormones increases the risk of cancer , heart diseases and strokes. Natural Bioidentical therapy helps an woman to remove her menopause. Thus she can enjoy a better sex. Her mood, memory and skin improve day by day.

Bioidentical Estrogen is available everywhere. We can also seek aid in a good health provider. Women who take synthetic hormones for a long time faces some side effects as the oral contraceptives. Due to these blood-clotting, liver tumors disorders occur. So it is the reason why most of the women today want to take this therapy.

So I think it is right time for those women who are suffering from menopause to get back their lost youth and make them as attractive as before.

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