More Information About Bioidentical Estrogen

bioidentical estrogenAt some point in every woman’s later life she will have to go through menopause. For some, this may totally catch them off guard and they won’t know how to deal with it. There are many forms of therapy available for menopausal symptoms today and recent buzz within the medical community are natural hormones. Bioidentical estrogen is one of those hormones which are being used to make up for the lack of natural estrogen in an aging woman’s body.

By definition, bioidentical hormones are hormones that are chemically identical to hormones that are naturally produced by the ovaries.

There are some of these hormones which are made by a drug company and approved by the FDA. Other forms of preparation of this bioidentical hormone are made in special pharmacies on a case-by-case basis and are custom made for each patient; they are not approved by the FDA.

The reason many refer to bioidentical hormones as natural is because unlike traditional HRT treatments that are made from synthetic chemicals, they are derived from plants. These bioidentical hormones are created from plants are equal to the chemical structure and function of those naturally produced in the body. And, some feel that is why they would work better than synthetic drugs.

When this replacement therapy is used, it is basically a way to replace the hormones that are naturally made in the body. The synthetic hormones are available only in the oral form. But the bioidentical hormones can be taken by patch, cream, lotion, and pill or even as vaginal rings. These are either taken daily, every few days or however a physician prescribes a particular hormone and the type being used.

These can help relieve the symptoms of menopause that women go through such as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal irritation and dryness. They can also help in preventing the onset of osteoporosis that is the loss of bone mass, making bones fragile and easy to break. This can help make things a lot more bearable for women during menopause. It can also help to improve functions in females with hormonal imbalances.

Studies have shown how it relieves the symptoms of menopause but further studies are still being done. Because these types of hormones have the same molecular structure as hormones produced in the body, it is believed they are easily metabolized with minimum side effects. It is recommended that when choosing this type of hormonal therapy, seeking out a doctor who knows about bioidentical hormones and the benefits and risks associated with them is needed.

Bioidentical estrogen therapy is not for every woman, but a great many have already benefited from using it over the years. Every woman is different and it may take some trial and error to find the right treatment or combination of treatments that work best. Talking with a trained physician before deciding on this type of therapy will help you to know if it is best for you.

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