Excess Progesterone Cream Application can be Severe

As the name suggest, bio identical progesterone creams are mainly used to increase the level of progesterone hormone. The creams mainly come into play during the later phase of the menstrual online cialis cycle or the luteal phase. Even though the cream is applied externally, some progesterone medicines such as prometrium should be taken orally while some other suppositories are taken through the vagina.

The medicine is usually taken few days after the ovulation and is applied to detect any deficiency in the level of progesterone.

In spite of the popularity of progesterone creams, several side effects of the medication have aroused apprehension among general public. Researches proved that they are in fact true and that an overdose of this cream can have extremely severe consequences. Doctors suggest that women should avoid using higher amounts of this medication as it can cause hormonal imbalances. Significant quantity of progesterone is produced during the final stages of pregnancy. Hence it can be assumed that such large amounts of hormone are safe. However, even at such quantities, progesterone can sometimes be dangerous.

If patients try to increase the level of these hormones even at a fraction, it can result in birth defects. A stream of side effects is associated with unnecessary accumulation of progesterone. This includes loss of vision, irregularities in the cardiac system, migraine, depression and fluid retention. There is also risk for cancer and asthma.

Bio identical progesterone cream is often applied on the skin because it is easily fat soluble. Oral pills are also available in the market. This is not safe as an overdose of these pills will be needed to balance the progestin loss that takes place in the liver. Such large amount of tablets creates metabolic activities that are useless and will excessively burden the liver.

Progesterone cream is usually applied during the period of pregnancy. During this time, the placenta produces around 300gms of this hormone. So any effort to increase this production can be severe. It can make people sleepy and can result in hormonal imbalances.

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