Are Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Safe?

Perimenopause and menopause wreak havoc on estrogen levels – there are times when they are off the charts, other times they are missing in action. And when this “female” hormone isn’t balanced, watch out! One minute you are hot, the next minute you are cold. Excessive moodiness sets in and you become a tiger after its prey! Memory loss and restless nights frequent the bedroom.

Along with sex drive – bones become weakened. If your plate is not already full enough, you’ve noticed you added a few extra pounds. Now what do you do?

There is no way to avoid it. As we grow older our bodies change Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy will assist us with getting our bodies back on track.

What is Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy?

Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy, commonly called (BHRT ) or bioidentical hormone therapy is a term that is used frequently when referencing identical hormones that are molecularly identical to endogenous hormones in estrogen replacement therapy. In other words it is a hormone replacement that will give the balance necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What causes low estrogen levels ?

Low estrogen levels are caused by the onset of menopause, ovarian estradiol lowers and estrone becomes the main hormone. However, women with excess body fat and insulin resistance also have much higher levels of estradiol. This can trigger an imbalance with progesterone levels and increase your risk of certain cancers. It is imperative that a woman maintains a healthy body weight and monitors her intake of sugars.

What are the symptoms of too much estrogen?

Symptoms of too much estrogen include fatigue, headaches, weight gain, anxiety, mood swings and more.

Why choose Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy?

Low natural estrogen levels also cause a diminished sex drive because the vaginal walls thin out and become drier due to the lack of hormone. The intensity of an orgasm dwindles and becomes harder to grasp. Reduced estrogen can also cause a reduction in collagen leading to thin and dry wrinkled skin. When hormones are out of whack, aging begins. All of this can be prevented and managed if replaced with Bioidentical estrogen therapy.

Beginning bioidentical estrogen therapy is simple. Comprehensive testing through serum, urine, saliva and blood will measure your estrogen hormone levels. Once your results come back and your exact hormone levels are determined, your bioidentical estrogen therapy will begin. Along with proper diet and exercise you will become the vibrant person that you used to be.




Perimenopause and menopause wreak havoc on estrogen levels – there are times when they are off the charts, other times they are missing in action. And when this “female” hormone isn’t balanced, watch out!

Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy, commonly called (BHRT) or bioidentical hormone therapy is a term that is used frequently when referencing identical hormones that are molecularly identical to endogenous hormones in estrogen replacement therapy.

However, women with excess body fat and insulin resistance also have much higher levels of estradiol.

What are the symptoms of too much estrogen?

Once your results come back and your exact hormone levels are determined, your bioidentical estrogen therapy will begin.






Weight Loss with the help of Bioidentical Hormones

Everyone knows that weight is a problem for the majority women. Maybe it’s because our body is against us if our hormones are not balanced. Therefore, it is important to balance the hormones in order to win the  battle against weight gain. Bio-identical hormones as Amberen may be the answer. Bio-identical hormones are found in plant extracts and other materials. On the other hand, a different hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has synthetic hormones, these hormones will not assimilate with the body and can lead to weight gain.

In fact, for woman that has a hormonal inequity, there are many evils such as weight gain, however weight gain is affecting all its other problems. Its hard to judge all the symptoms of menopause, such as lack of energy, loss of libido, impotence, tetchiness and mood swings, complexity absorbed, hot flashes and night sweats. Weight gain is just one of the problems.

One reason for weight gain and the difficulty losing weight may be a thyroid deficiency. The thyroid produce hormones called T3 and T4. These hormones help our body to translate calories. Doctors prescribe drugs if they think we are weak in T3 and T4. Frequently prescribe Synthroid for hypothyroidism. Testosterone is a hormone that helps the body’s metabolism to burn calories and fat more efficiently. But it also prevents the storage of fat around the middle. If testosterone and progesterone reduces estrogen, we can retain the weight and extreme fatigue.

Bioidentical testosterone regulates hormone level and can help alleviate such symptoms as, fatigue and lack of sexual desire. Testosterone is also linked with violent behavior, muscle development and social perspectives. The balance of hormones with Bioidentical hormones can reduce fatigue, increase bone thrashing, increase sexual desire, relieve hot flashes, stop, night sweats, and anxiety attacks, stop the weight gain, and makes you feel a younger woman. Bioidentical hormones are resultant from plants. Bio-identical testosterone is made of extract from soy and yams.


Prometrium is the authority of a woman deep in their lives. It is a steroid hormone in the corpus luteum of the cialis online pharmacy ovary and to a lesser extent in the adrenal gland. The key to minimizing the effects of PMS, with regard to when hormones go out of balance, especially as a woman ages. When a woman starts to produce less estrogen and Prometrium and enters perimenopause it usually means full blown menopause is on the way.This is often where the production Prometrium drops drastically when estrogen production slows down. Estrogen dominance is a term used to explain the circumstances that follow, such as fatigue, mood swings, extends the risk of heart disease, edema, osteoporosis and weight gain.

Most doctors set down a supplement (to balance the estrogen) to lessen the effects of PMS, and this treatment is called hormone replacement therapy or menopausal HRT. Bio identical prometrium is what is commonly recommended.

Although shaped in a laboratory, it is identical with the type of products in our body molecule to molecule and therefore has no side effects. Synthetic Prometrium other hand, are not chemically the same to the formula of the body and can cause serious side effects, including the risk of cancer and stroke, abnormal menstruation, asthma, partial vision loss , migraine, fluid retention, liver disease and depression.

These versions are called synthetic progestins and have known side effects, as mentioned above. They include commonly prescribed progestin Proverb, which is known to be dangerous and cause birth defects in the fetus, even in small quantity. Thus, women have to be on hormone replacement therapy in the first quarter, before the placenta takes over it is forever advisable to place an order as Prometrium.

There are several ways to find the essential amount of Prometrium in the body, if a woman is on hormone replacement therapy. As mentioned, Prometrium is the recommendation pill form and is usually taken orally, but can be absorbed by the body through the night by inserting into the vagina before bedtime. The latter method is often used to entire the injection method is a common method for managing with child women before release of the placenta comes in.

Progesterone Cream: Tips for Proper Usage

Understand that using progesterone cream is a plus for men and women alike. Men are being exposed to multitudes of harsh chemicals and synthetic hormones throughout their diet and environment, much like women and children. That’s among the reasons so many fellas are developing breast cancer and even prostate cancer. Dr John Lee and various holistic health professionals suggest that mem should use the progesterone cream once daily to guard his prostate glands (4 out from 5 men 50 and older could have prostate enlargement and difficulties) and then to help balance all growth hormones in his body. Girls approaching puberty in which are experiencing mood swings and additionally irritable behavior, may also gain from using Natural Progesterone Cream.

Do understand that employing Natural Progesterone Cream is not a panacea, however I believe it might be an adjunct for improving your quality of life. It is always advisable to seek assistance from a professional, but seek out some sort of holistic practitioner who realizes the complete body must be evaluated when diagnosing and preparing a remedy for an challenge. My personal choice, having used it for many years, is Restored Balance.

As a substitute for applying the progesterone gel directly, it can be used in addition to a moisturizing lotion. Lotions containing aloe vera oil usually effectively work and are easy to use. After application, the medicine can be sent directly to the part where it can be required.

Overdose of this cream leads to hyperactive senses and less dosage when the body gets used to the cream, can lead to severe depression. It is very important to use the treatment cautiously.

The cream should be employed at a particular time each day. A physician, based within the tests, will have to decide when the optimum time is. The cream can be mixed with a little moisturizer and massaged within circular motions till the cream is very absorbed into the skin. The best places to use the cream are the spot where the skin would be soft allowing for easy absorption. Such areas of the body include the breasts, fingers, inner thighs, and hands. Usually, the cream is applied twice just a day or as advised through the physician.

Eliminate Post-Menopause Symptoms with Premarin

Menopause is a difficult time for women. After menopause troubles such as osteoporosis, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, burning, irritation and extra hormonal imbalances announce their arrival  rapidly after finishing menopause. For years, women have been coming up for a cialis canadian pharmacy single pill that could take over all the troubles of post-menopausal women. And their prayers were answered. Premarin is a assortment of estrogen hormones used to treat the symptoms scheduled above are the result of post-menopausal hormonal imbalances.

For those who don’t know estrogen is a female hormone created by the ovaries. Estrogen’s purpose is not only to promote healthy sexual appetite, but it is also liable for many other body functions.

Premarin is a prescription capsule and for your benefit. Any kind of drugs, how to build over-dosage, non-prescription, under-dosing, etc. leads to all kinds of problems. In accumulation, the warning is linked to long-term drug use. It can cause breast cancer, heart attack or stroke. So stick conscientiously what the doctor prescribed, and never pander to in self-care.

All types of solemn adverse reactions should be reported straight away to the doctor. As a rule, the body absorbs Premarin very well, but there is still a chance that there may be adverse effects when taking Premarin. Always tell your doctor the medications you are taking. This is because there may be some non-prescribed drugs to receive Premarin. Your doctor may vary the change the dosage or frequency of your prescription.

PREMARIN must be bought from a licensed pharmacist. You can subscribe to a licensed pharmacy PREMARIN online that will ensure you get the medicines at your door as soon as possible. Price factor also applies to buying drugs online. Thus we can remove all problems of menopause.

Bioidentical Pellet Therapy

Bio-identical Pellet therapy is very effective now-a-days.

 I have given this option consideration for an entire a year before I made my meeting for my first medication bio-identical hormone. I now believe it a buy cialis tabs year later, unluckily, worthless hot flashes, sleepless nights and the total inactivity, what happens through the menopause.

My anxiety was liability. Would I keep on with her because I was well-known butterfly that moves from grass to grass in pursue for balance?

The second day of taking the pellets, I woke up suddenly with full of vigor and felt great! At the end of the day, I realized that I hadn’t had a hot flash since the start of my treatment. Two weeks later, my body began to react sexually with the deep feeling of a woman could not at all forget!

I loved the growth of bones, the slowed signs of aging, lead to a soothing sleep, my days of high vigor, good physical condition and all the joys that make me feel completely alive! Though I was concerned if the trouble comes, and if the bio-identical hormones had bad side effects that have not been established. I am conscious of the fact that 35 years of clinical study on premenstrual condition and their use of the body of short testosterone in men.

My girlfriend found that these anti-cancer bio-identical hormones that helped her sister to heal cancer. Testimonials can be viewed as an experiential medical study that needs double-blind study, but I doubt how it makes anybody an expert on the experiment. I am searching for any studies published online, and I keep my mind open. In the meantime, I’m more content with my empirical findings. I like the effects that the pill has on me. Don’t we all need an “oil change” every year?

You can now simply find this in Tempe and write to us for details.

How to Use Climara to Remove the Symptoms of Menopause

Climara is a medicine used to treat the symptoms of menopause. It is also used to stop osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and the handling of hormone deficiency in younger women whose ovaries do not create enough estrogen. Climara appears as a mark skin and comes in six dissimilar strengths. Although most people endure the medicine well, probable side effects are breast tenderness, headache and abdominal pain.

A new patch should be applied to your skin the on the same day once a week.

Women who had no hysterectomy must also obtain progestin while taking this medicine to stop certain side effects associated with the utilization of estrogen. The patch is frequently applied to the lower abdomen, buttocks or pelvis. Many women have seen that skin swells when the patch is applied to the buttocks. Talk to your pharmacist for the most excellent patch. Do not use a patch on the breast.

Choose a spotless, dry area of ​​whole skin that is not oily, irritated, injured, or uncovered to the sun. To avoid pain, do not apply to the skin in the same position twice in a day. Split the pouch containing the patch slightly than using scissors – if you accidentally cut the patch, will be ineffective. Remove the defensive layer. Apply the patch to the chosen area at once. Avoid stirring the bonding agent. Use your fingers to grip the patch in position for about 10 seconds, making sure the patch is attached to your skin, particularly around the ends. When shifting the patch, get rid of carefully fold it in half so that the bonding agent be together, and throw it away or take to the pharmacy for proper removal. Keep away from kids and pets. If adhesive exists on the skin, smoothly rub off.

It is significant to employ this medication precisely as prescribed. If you forget to apply patch, do it as soon as you remember. If the day is near wherever you generally change the patch, still apply, but change the piece again any day and carry on with your usual schedule. Do not employ 2 patches at once. If you are unsure what to do with forgetting to apply or adjust the patch, contact your doctor.

Estrace – The Appropriate Solution for Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is not good for a woman. It makes women self-conscious, uncomfortable and keeps them away from sex. Your sex life makes a U-turn and brings the worst. But you can conquer your anxiety by trying special instruments and medicinal solutions to get you out of this deadlock. Vaginal dryness is caused by a shortage of adequate estrogen. You might have tried every possible way to escape it but it may have been all in vain.

It’s time to try healing with vaginal estrogen by different actions. Estring or vaginal estrogen ring is an elastic, soft ring that is inserted in most of the crest of the female genital expanse. This is a unique ring that is resleases a dose of estrogen. The ring is generally replaced after every three months. Vaginal estrogen cream named Estrace is inserted directly into the vagina through an applicator moments prior to bedtime. Your physician will give you the correct instruction and dosage generally three times a week or two.

On occasion, vaginal dryness can be triggered by the beginning of menopause in women. Menopause is known to cause several hormonal changes in the body. This now and then affects the chemical balance in the vagina and causes severe vaginal dryness. Some of the symptoms of menopause are reasonable and many times ruthless hot flashes are also found. Your doctor may suggest a patches, gel, pills or estrogen band with higher amount of estrogen. For better results, always consult with your doctor so that an assessment can be made on which estrogen therapy is right for you. If you reimburse on Estrace then your doctor can advise you what is best for you.

There are further procedures of self-care if you feel very contented with vaginal dryness. These remedies are in the appearance of moisturizers and lubricants such as Estrace. Water-based lubricants are most excellent type of Estrace. It is a water-based lubricant which lubricates the vagina for many hours. You can also apply the lubricant on the penis just before intercourse with your partner. It can also be applied to the cavity of the vagina. Estrace is believed to reduce vaginal dryness throughout three successive days with one appliance. It can last longer than any lubricants.

Homeopathic Treatments –Natural Remedy for any Disease

Homeopathic Treatment is the most successful medication process where the drugs are applied in watered down or reduced concentrated solution. Their remedies are arranged with a series of resources or compounds obtained from various sources. It is an unbelievable substitute treatment for conventional allopathic drugs or surgery. It is very safe because there are very few side effects.

Homeopathic treatment is very different from other contemporary drugs. There is a great effect here without the use of drugs if the correct ailment is identified. When you call a homeopathic general practitioner try to obtain complete information on the physical condition. Tell him about your mental, emotional, social and other actions. It will be helpful him in order to identify your problem. He will be able to learn what changes are happening with the seasonal alteration in the body, what causes sad, what makes you happy, what kind of allergies you contain, and so on.

After analyzing he will try to give you treatments. These are the gathering of all remedies symptomatically as content. You ought to be very careful about the prescribed amount of drugs. Some time is needed to do it precisely. Extra safety measures must be taken to avoid contamination of alien matter. A homeopath will think about the healing and adjust the dosage and the ratio of the supplies in their own medication.

There are a number of treatments that are less expensive than homeopathic treatments. These are isopathy, flower remedies and veterinary medication.

Isopathy is just similar to homeopathy without the remedies are equipped from the things that cause disease. Vaccine is a form of isopathy. Flower medications are flower extraction which is set by placing flowers in water and then revealing them to daylight. Then the solution is stunned. In the treatment of animals homeopathic remedies are known as veterinary homeopathy.

Several studies have proved that homeopathic treatments have significant effects on natural processes like as enzymatic reactions, discharge of histamine and the outcome on grain growth. So we must follow easier forms of treatment and remain tension free.

Bioidentical Therapy for Happy Life

Bioidentical Therapy has changed they way women experience menopause. Every woman wants to get back their youth and keep themselves away from the curse of menopause. For such individuals this therapy has ushered in a new era and the ability to make their life happy and enjoyable. But many women can’t afford to accept this way in spite of their strong enthusiasm. Fear and mental weakness are the main reason for this reluctance. In this article I will discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of Bioidentical Therapy that any women can realize it properly and make a blissful life.

Bioidentical Therapy is a treatment that lessens the symptoms of menopause in a women body and enable her to regain her youth. The hormones used in this process are produced from plants, so it is very natural and effective. Both men and women can get relief of problematic symptoms and their diet and lifestyle changes. It is very effective for women in removing insomnia, vaginal dryness and hot flashes. It is far better than the traditional drug using.

There are mild side effects of this treatment. Since the hormones used here are identical those of the human body, there are no adverse effects. If right dosage is given to a patient then no side effect are found in her body. If the therapy continues for a long time for an individual then it can produce some side effects. It normally occurs if the body itself produces one of the hormones at a large amount. But it can be solved very easily only by balancing the dosage once again. But if the proper dosage is taken the person will reap the sweet benefits of this therapy.

In the above we can see a very few side effects which can also be avoided easily. So it is best suggestion for the women to follow the modern treatment and live an enjoyable life without andropause.