What is Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy

Perimenopause and menopause wreak havoc on estrogen levels – there are times when they are off the charts, other times they are missing in action. And when this “female” hormone isn’t balanced, watch out!

One minute you are hot, the next minute you are cold. Excesive moodiness sets in and you become a tiger after its prey! Memory loss and restless nights frequent the bedroom. Along with sex drive – bones become weakened. If your plate is not already full enough, you’ve noticed you added a few extra pounds. Now what do you do?

There is no way to avoid it. As we grow older our bodies change Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy will assist us with getting our bodies back on track.

What is Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy?

Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy, commonly called (BHRT) or bioidentical hormone therapy is a term that is used frequently when referencing identical hormones that are molecularly identical to endogenous hormones in estrogen replacement therapy. In other words it is a hormone replacement that will give the balance necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What causes low estrogen levels ?

Low estrogen levels are caused by the onset of menopause, ovarian estradiol lowers and estrone becomes the main hormone. However, women with excess body fat and insulin resistance also have much higher levels of estradiol. This can trigger an imbalance with progesterone levels and increase your risk of certain cancers. It is imperative that a woman maintains a healthy body weight and monitors her intake of sugars.

What are the symptoms of too much estrogen?

Symptoms of too much estrogen include fatigue, headaches, weight gain, anxiety, mood swings and more.

Why choose Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy?

Low natural estrogen levels also cause a diminished sex drive because the vaginal walls thin out and become drier due to the lack of hormone. The intensity of an orgasm dwindles and becomes harder to grasp. Reduced estrogen can also cause a reduction in collagen leading to thin and dry wrinkled skin. When hormones are out of whack, aging begins. All of this can be prevented and managed if replaced with Bioidentical estrogen therapy.

Beginning bioidentical estrogen therapy is simple. Comprehensive testing through serum, urine, saliva and blood will measure your estrogen hormone levels. Once your results come back and your exact hormone levels are determined, your bioidentical estrogen therapy will begin. Along with proper diet and excercise you will become the vibrant person that you used to be.

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